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Cowboy Beans

It was 70º today! I was sweating in my layers, shedding them as I grocery shopped.  After 30 seconds outside  I wanted to pull the grill out and officially welcome the sunshine back.  Then I remembered I live in Logan, UT where exactly one week ago it was snowing and where it could snow tomorrow. 

With the windows down and the sunroof open I started thinking of all the summer foods I love to make and eat.  The salads, grilling, the fresh veggies, and various backyard bbq dishes.  Then while staring out the window waiting for a green light I starting thinking of my favorite dish. 

Mom2 makes these beans for most backyard bbq’s or anytime we grill.  Occasionally she makes it with hot dogs instead of ground beef.  But ground beef is my favorite.  I told my two sisters (on my dad’s side) that I was making this family dish for a post.  

My sister Emily simply asked “Is that the stuff that I love?” To which I replied yes. 

Now my sister Jennifer was slightly more animated in her response “As a kid (when I loathed every type of meat) that was the only part our bar-b-ques I would eat and it was one of the first things Mom taught me how to make. LOVE IT!

So there you have it, an account from three that this is a fantastic addition to your next outdoor party or family gathering.  Or if you’re like me, I make it my dinner.  It has two types of protein, plenty of flavor and a small amount of veggies.  I only make a small batch, not this family bbq size, and am as happy as can be.  I can tell you this was the first time I have ever made this where I actually measured.  It was a horrible experience.  I kept taste-testing, trying to get it just right, when normally I just dump and pour.  I never measured things before starting this blog, but it’s not been a problem until this post.  I struggled so much.  Adding ingredients in fractional amounts to get it perfect. It paid off…I got it spot on in the end.   

So from my family to yours, we hope you love this as much as we do.


Browning the beef


Onions and bell peppers






3-15oz can of Van Camp’s Pork n’ Beans*

2 lbs lean ground beef

1 green bell pepper; diced

1 small onion; diced

2 cups corn             

½ cup bbq sauce

3 tsp yellow mustard

3 tsp ketchup

½ tsp seasoned salt

½ tsp granulated garlic;

½-¾ tsp black pepper; to taste

1 tbsp brown sugar; +/- to taste

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Salt/pepper/granulated garlic; to season beef

In a large pot or skillet, brown the ground beef.  Season the meat with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. When the meat is about half way cooked, add the diced onions and bell peppers.  Continue to cook until the meat is cooked through, about 2 more minutes.  Drain off any rendered fat. 

Add the corn and mix well.  Add the cans of beans (I usually remove that square of fat they call pork.)

Stir in the bbq sauce, mustard, ketchup, black pepper, seasoned salt, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and granulated garlic.  Stir well but gently.  Bring to a low simmer.  Reduce heat to low and allow to cook for about 15 minutes, to really allow the flavors to meld.  However, you can serve immediately once warmed through.

*Van Camp’s is the only brand  of pork n’ beans I have ever used.

Thank you for sharing!

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