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Smoked Swiss, Apricot, and Egg Sandwich

My breakfast was an unplanned happy accident, too good not to share:

A friend needed a place to stay last night and as any good host, I had to offer her breakfast this morning.  Of course she could have opted for the box for Frosted Flakes or a hot cup of coffee and string cheese, which is my normal breakfast, but she took me up on my offer to make her something quick. 

I was just going to quickly make scrambled eggs and she asked if I would make my breakfast egg sandwich I made for her in the past.  That got my wheels turning particularly since I didn’t have the right kind of cheese in the house to make it.  But I know I had at least 3 pounds of smoked Swiss cheese that I’m still eating my way through.  There had to be something I could do with that.

I pulled out the toaster and toasted the bread, which happened to be sunflower bread with whole seeds.  I made a 2-egg “patty” and sliced some smoked Swiss.  I grabbed my favorite apricot ‘no sugar added’ jam and made a new egg breakfast sandwich.  It was so tasty, I thought I had to share it.  When I make it again, which I think I just might have to pronto, I will add a nice slice of ham to it.  I think that will take this sandwich from delicious to FANTASTIC.

2 slices of toasted bread

2 eggs

2 slices smoked Swiss cheese

Apricot Jam

Butter (about ¼ tbsp)

Salt and Pepper; to taste (in the eggs)

Beat the eggs in a bowl with desired amount of salt and pepper.  In a small skillet, add the butter and allow it to melt.  Add the eggs and allow them to complete cook on one side before flipping them over.  Then flip them over and allow them to finish cooking through.

Meanwhile, toast your bread and slice your cheese.

Once the toast is done, on one piece of bread layer the cheese.  Add the apricot jam to the top of the cheese.  Place the hot egg over the jam.  The egg will “melt” the jam, making it a gooey, but delicious mess.  Place the remaining piece of bread atop the whole and eat with caution.  Or layer the jam on the bread, then the cheese and finally topping it with the egg.  Or any other layering combination that is desirable.  Enjoy!

*if you make 3 eggs, you will have enough egg for two sandwiches

Thank you for sharing!

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