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6 Touchdown-Worthy Tailgating Recipes

6 Touchdown-Worthy Tailgating Recipes – 6 fantastically delicious foods worthy of your next Game Day or Tailgating Party.6 Touchdown Worthy Tailgating Recipes ~ Whole Foods| Real Families ~ The Complete SavoristAh folks, it’s that magical time of year. The children are back in school. The cardigans come out of the closet. The food gets heartier, more soul-satifying and comforting. It is also when all the mild-mannered adults we know begin to yell, scream, and spill their Solo-cupped beverages everywhere while yelling at the television screen during their favorite team’s game.

You know what I mean. These tender, sweet, “normal” friends and family all become possessed and, well, CRAZY.

Well, to help keep the beast in them at bay as long as possible, Cynthia of Whole Food | Real Families and I have gathered 6 totally touchdown worthy recipes to help you.

No game day is complete without a burger! 6 Touchdown Worthy Tailgating Recipes ~ Whole Food| Real Families ~ The Complete SavoristBurger with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms is sure to keep their mouths full and prevent yelling, or so we hope, better keep a vacuum handy just incase. This burger is over the top (in a totally delicious way), bursting with onions and mushrooms that even the most over the top game day guest will be pleased-you know which one I mean, the one who shows up at your house in team colors, a jersey, face-painted and with a foam finger all to watch it on your TV. 6 Touchdown Worthy Tailgating Recipes ~ Whole Food | Real Families ~ The Complete SavoristSince we have a hamburger, some kind of hot dog makes sense. These Mini Corn Dogs on a Stick are made with high quality (no nitrate, fillers, and all beef) dogs dipped in a homemade batter, then gently fried to golden brown. Being on stick makes them the perfect finger food during the game. But make sure you only serve these when all your guests are rooting for the same team, or the stick could become a poking device and we are not responsible for any bloodshed.’re certain a flag would be thrown if we didn’t include wings. Are we right?  These Roasted Pepper Hot Wings will no doubt be the hit of the party. Hot, spicy, and finger-lickin delicious. These are also the perfect dish to use to identify whose team is doing poorly because at the end of the game, those rooting for the losing team will have streaks of pepper sauce from their chest to mid-thighs. They will be eating, something adverse will happen, they will put the wing down, either gently or not so much, and while whining or even yelling, streak their hands from there chest downward to clean them off then wave them about while slightly bending in half. Those whose team is doing well will be sarcastically flirty with licking their fingers clean in a la-ti-da fashion. 6 Touchdown Worthy Tailgating Recipes ~ Whole Food | Real Families ~ The Complete SavoristFootball is manly.We don’t mean to sound sexist in anyway but men tend to get all primal during the game, whether they are on or off the field. Primal in the way before language developed with all the grunting, moaning, and other various sound effects that are exuded during a game. If you have EVER watched a game, alone or with company, you know exactly what we’re talking about. In order to feed that primal side (manly or womanly, because we women love meat too), this Carne Asada will definitely fulfill that basic primal need of meat6 Touchdown Worthy Tailgating Recipes ~ Whole Food | Real Families ~ The Complete SavoristWho doesn’t love a grinder? Particularly a grinder with brisket, cheese, smoked peppers, and caramelized onions on it. This is an item we fully recommended serving during the pre-game show, that time when everyone is still friends, civility still reigns, and the mood is palpable with excitement. Brisket Grinder with Smoked Peppers and Caramelized Onions is too nice of dish to served in contentious times. Your guests will enjoy this tasty treat and give it the proper consumption it deserves. 6 Touchdown Worthy Tailgating Recipes ~ Whole Food | Real Families ~ The Complete SavoristWith four beef entries and one chicken entry, no round up would be complete without an offering from the mighty delicious pig. Afterall, it’s the pigskin that’s about to be tossed about on a 100 yard field. Sweet Pork Mini Tostada with Plum Salsa are another item that might be best served during the pre-game show. And if you don’t want to go through the effort to make mini-tostadas, full sized ones work just as well.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of mouth-watering tailgating ideas. Good luck to your favorite team (as long as it’s our favorite team as well), and hope we’re all friends come February. Go Team!

6 Touchdown Worthy Tailgating Recipes ~ Whole Food | Real Families ~ The Complete Savorist

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